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Power Wheelchairs

Radical Holdings (Pty) Ltd t/a Radical Mobility is a South African company that designs, manufactures and markets power wheelchairs, which maximise mobility and comfort for disabled people. We developed a range of power wheelchairs that are affordable, comfortable, safe and versatile – especially in their ability to operate indoors and outside.

Radical Mobility aims to be a breath of fresh air in a stagnant market, by providing a locally manufactured, affordable and practical electrical wheelchair. Each person’s needs are unique; so the power wheelchair must be uniquely suited to the individual’s needs and that is what we do - build uniquely suited power wheelchairs.

We deal with all Medical Aids, Road Accident Fund and Workmans Compensation for you.

Computer Set-up

One of the greatest tools in the 21st century-a computer! Personally, as a quadriplegic, I cannot imagine my life without it. It has opened a whole new world where you don't need mobility to gain accessibility; it is just one click away. Imagine studying, communicating with people across the globe, gaming, chatting and, best of all, surfing the Web.

We will assist you in making your current computer user friendly or supply you with a new computer configured for your needs, Voice Activation Software, roller ball mouse, mouth stick, eye level monitor… We can even network your house so that you can do everything with a laptop anywhere in your house. Let me give you two examples from my personal experience:

(1.) This complete website and its graphics were designed using a mouth stick, all my company's documentation, financials, quotations, e-mail, etc. are done this way.

(2.) Four years ago, while studying for my degree in Information Technology, I developed a pressure sore and had to spend three months in bed. I completed my assignments using voice-activated software and a laptop computer linked via a network to my desktop and printer. So yes, it is possible - and we speak from experience.

Care-giving Advice

What qualifies us to give care-giving advice? Well, six years of nursing and emergency care before my injury and fifthteen years of being a high-level quadriplegic; combine the two, and I think you get the idea. We know each person is unique and so is their level of injury and also the amount of care they will need. 

GOOD BODY MECHANICS means using the safest and most efficient methods to lift and move patients or heavy items. Efficiency is more important than strength. 

What to do in the emergency of autonomic dysreflexia, how to eliminate the possible causes and treat the effect.

Radical Mobility is not just another wheelchair company. We were born from personal experience and now share this experience with everybody who needs it. We are always available; just give us a call or ask your questions on our company blog that caters for all types of situations.

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